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Hi folks,

I'd like to introduce you to a new community rupertslash

What is rupertslash?

This community is about actor Rupert Grint and the characters he played. Slash, well I think you know what that means ;-). If you write Harry Potter-fancfiction, or fanfiction about "Cherrybomb", "Driving Lessons" or even "Super Clyde" you're more than welcome to join! If you only read ff, no problem. Feel free to join! There are few rules, but the main rules are NO FLAMING and Rupert or one of his alter ego's has to be part of the main-pairing or bromance.

There will be regular challenges. :-)

I hope to see you soon! :-)

roelliej (Moderator)
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NAME: Jackie
LOCATION: Melbourne, FL
BIRTHDAY(So we can post a nice surprise): Sep 29
LIKES (No need to answer Rupert in such an obvious comm): sports, reading, movies(!!!), biking
DISLIKES: inconsistency and ignorance
FAVORITE GADGET: umm... my TV?! else am I going to watch my movies?!?! lmao. well there's always my portable dvd player (if you can't tell already, I'm pretty much a dork! lol)
HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THIS COMMUNITY?: I searched for it....well, for some community dedicated to Rupert Grint...xD teehee.

WHEN DID YOU BEGAN LIKING HIM?: I watched HP1 & HP2 and his character grew on me. Then I watched HP3 and was like OMG HE'S HOT!!! GNAJRKGBJAGBAJKGJA.
AND WHY DO YOU LIKE HIM? (Long response plz): You know one of those kind of shy but still really cool hot guy friends that you have? He's like that. Even though I find him very attractive, I'd still want to be his friend over anything else. He's sort of laid back and I really like that.
FAVORITE QUOTE OF RUPERT: "Bloody Hell!" (HP4) "What?!...I'm hungry!" (HP5)
IF YOU AND RUPERT WERE DESERTED IN AN ISLAND, WHAT ITEM WOULD BE THERE?: a couch; hey! it'd be awkward enough for the both of us if there were a bed...I'm just sayin! lmao. xD
FIRST MOVE, YOU OR RUPERT?: Most likely him.
FAVORITE PICTURE OF HIM: Even if the picture is computer perfected, he's still hot:
; oh there's also this one..idk what it is about this photo but I just love it:
there's a lot more pictures that I love of him (I'm sure you know what I mean...) but these two stick out.
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I actually got the idea for this community from the ICE CREAM man forums and I thought, why not make something like this on LJ?  It's going to be like a depot for all contests, communities, projects, and other stuff that promote Rupert's popularity.




The Tintin movie TRILOGY will follow the adventures of the Belgian comic-book character and his dog, Snowy. Like Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and King Kong, the movies will use motion-capture technology to create 3D digital characters, AP said. Jackson, Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy are producing the trilogy.  They have Andy Serkis onboard already not for the role of Tintin though and the rumor of Rupert being eyed for the role of TinTin has gone around but was dispelled by no less than RGN because Rupert's agency said they weren't contacted by Jackson or Spielberg for this. Okay, this could be our chance to really do something for our boy.