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Rupert's Hair Evolution

One of my favorite things to do online is surf Google using the keyword: RUPERT GRINT. All the results are heavenly, of course, and sometimes I land on a page that is very entertaining. Like this one that I just found today.  The site is called CHANGING ROOMS and the entry is the one dated Thursday, July 12, 2007.  The owner has a Rupert's Hair Evolution Table that is just soooo freaking funny (and hot) I just have to add it on here. (The owner also posted a reaction to Driving Lessons you may want to read.) 

Hairy Potter - by: Adem with an e

Welcome to Ultimate Redknob 101, our first class; a history lesson.

The above collection of snap photography is a glimpse into the evolution of impeccable hair. Much like the art-form that is the various stylings of Dougie Poynter's locks, over the years Rupert Grint's ginga-mane has improved in quality at a progressive rate.

Whilst the evidence--naturally--speaks for itself, some of you may need a smidge of guidance. So. Let us take a closer look into each of these historical hair cuts.

Not an obvious glimpse into a future of styled brilliance. It alarms me that parents all over the world feel the need to revive the bowl cut upon their innocent children who are not old enough to object to such debauchery.

A little more floppier, and a slight bit shorter. A less offensive take on the bowl cut.

Now we are getting somewhere. The rebellious 'flick' atop of Rupert's head is the first real indication of god-like hair. Whilst the styling is not entirely right, the length is almost perfect, leaving a very positive impact on the retinas.

Bitch, it is ON. Whilst the hair situation was somewhat lacking through out the fourth installment of the Potter films, the promotional period for the film--which this shot comes from--is the first enormous leap for Grint into legendhairy status. A little too long, but practically there.

After a small trim, a scruff here and there and a bit of wax to keep it all together, you wouldn't be the first to feel it was the hair on Rupert's heads finest hour. It also helps that puberty had well and truly treated Grint very kindly by his 18th birthday.

Miraculous. This is the kind of beauty that could provide sight to the blind, sound to the deaf, and the sprout of a fresh leg to the Mills-McCartney. A truly breathtaking example of follicle perfection.

In conclusion, not since the importance of Rob Lowe's locks (and--in its own right--accompanying saxophone) in the mid 80's has there been a more influencial set of stylised tresses as those found upon the equally as admirable head of Rupert Grint. He truly is the Ultimate Redknob.

Another photo then.

(BTW: Harry Potter V was ace. Not enough Ron but, as I said, his hair was so divine that his screen time didn't matter too much. I was totally fizzing-at-the-slit over the definition of his arms too; is it wrong that his obvious visits to the gym of late excite me?)
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