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NAME: Jackie
LOCATION: Melbourne, FL
BIRTHDAY(So we can post a nice surprise): Sep 29
LIKES (No need to answer Rupert in such an obvious comm): sports, reading, movies(!!!), biking
DISLIKES: inconsistency and ignorance
FAVORITE GADGET: umm... my TV?!...how else am I going to watch my movies?!?! lmao. well there's always my portable dvd player (if you can't tell already, I'm pretty much a dork! lol)
HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THIS COMMUNITY?: I searched for it....well, for some community dedicated to Rupert Grint...xD teehee.

WHEN DID YOU BEGAN LIKING HIM?: I watched HP1 & HP2 and his character grew on me. Then I watched HP3 and was like OMG HE'S HOT!!! GNAJRKGBJAGBAJKGJA.
AND WHY DO YOU LIKE HIM? (Long response plz): You know one of those kind of shy but still really cool hot guy friends that you have? He's like that. Even though I find him very attractive, I'd still want to be his friend over anything else. He's sort of laid back and I really like that.
FAVORITE QUOTE OF RUPERT: "Bloody Hell!" (HP4) "What?!...I'm hungry!" (HP5)
IF YOU AND RUPERT WERE DESERTED IN AN ISLAND, WHAT ITEM WOULD BE THERE?: a couch; hey! it'd be awkward enough for the both of us if there were a bed...I'm just sayin! lmao. xD
FIRST MOVE, YOU OR RUPERT?: Most likely him.
FAVORITE PICTURE OF HIM: Even if the picture is computer perfected, he's still hot: http://www.harry-potter-movie-buzz.com/uploads/uploadForumPhotos/medium_Harry%20Potter%20-%20Rupert%20Grint-aeyjpzo0.jpg
; oh there's also this one..idk what it is about this photo but I just love it: http://www.mtv.com/shared/promoimages/movies/h/harry_potter_phoenix/grint/281x211.jpg
there's a lot more pictures that I love of him (I'm sure you know what I mean...) but these two stick out.
Tags: rupert
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