Roel (roelliej) wrote in do_me_rupert,

New Community

Hi folks,

I'd like to introduce you to a new community rupertslash

What is rupertslash?

This community is about actor Rupert Grint and the characters he played. Slash, well I think you know what that means ;-). If you write Harry Potter-fancfiction, or fanfiction about "Cherrybomb", "Driving Lessons" or even "Super Clyde" you're more than welcome to join! If you only read ff, no problem. Feel free to join! There are few rules, but the main rules are NO FLAMING and Rupert or one of his alter ego's has to be part of the main-pairing or bromance.

There will be regular challenges. :-)

I hope to see you soon! :-)

roelliej (Moderator)
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